Sales Training for Professionals

About this Course

Sales training for professionals will teach you how to close more deals to build, maintain, and manage a profitable sales practice. This training program was developed to answer the often-asked questions of precisely what to do when to do it, and most importantly, how to sell successfully. Whether you are a professional in private practice, an entrepreneur, selling in dealerships, or real estate, this program will teach you exactly how to develop multiple lead-generating sources. In addition, you will learn how to implement strategies that drive the sales process; maintain customer relationships during long and short selling cycles, and engage in the necessary activities to operate a successful sales practice.

Course Takeaway & Application

By the end of this course, you will complete a series of projects that traverse from the beginning to the end of an applicant’s professional/career development process on their way to becoming a successful sales professional. Each module will cover a specific phase in the development process. Salespeople will connect the learning via real-world examples that will build from chapter to chapter as we use the scenarios to tie the course objectives to the action plans you will implement at the end of the course.

Topics Covered in This Course

Module #1 -The Wakeup Call
Module #2 – Building a solid foundation
Module #3 -The Fundamentals
Module #4 -The Necessary Tools & Skills of the Trade
Module #5 – Business Development Strategies
Module #6 – How to Manage a Sales Practice
Module #7 – Proven Frameworks for Selling Professionals
Module #8 – Accountability – Your Secret Weapon
Module #9 – Learning Motion & Conclusion

Training Options

  • Self-Paced Learning
  • ILT – Virtual training via Zoom
  • In-Person Workshops Multi-Day Event