How to Manage a Sales Practice

About This Training Program

This course, How to Manage a Sales Practice, is designed to teach professionals eight strategies that, when combined, form a clear roadmap for building, maintaining, and managing a thriving sales practice. Each system is its standalone process that deals with the specific activity the salesperson will engage in and provides detailed directions for the next steps. In addition, professionals will learn how to:

  • Keep the sales process organized.
  • Interact with clients with the right touches depending on the lead source.
  • Deal with difficult prospects, so there is no negative impact on the business or the professional.
  • Manage the activities required to build profitable and productive relationships.
  • Turn current clients into future sales.

It clarifies the professional throughout the entire sales and customer relationship management process while laying out the next steps for prospects flowing into the sales hopper from the various lead generating sources and activities.

Course Takeaway & Application

By the end of this course, you will have completed a series of activities that clearly outline the customer journey from their lead source to sale or no sale. Each module will explicitly lay out what to do when you reach a fork in the road and determine which direction is most appropriate to take the next client interaction. The learning will be connected via real-world examples based on industry-specific scenarios so the project completion can serve as your real-world action plan.

Topics Covered in This Course

Module #1 – Understanding the Sales Process Framework
Module #2 – How to Manage Prospects from Various Lead Sources
Module #3 – How to Use CRM to Manage Your Book of Business
Module #4 – How to Establish Relationships with Clients Quickly
Module #5 – Sales Pipeline & Activity Management
Module #6 – How to Handle Hidden Objections & Unresponsive Clients
Module #7 – How to Automate the Short & Long Term Follow Up Process
Module #8 – How to Categorize Clients for the Right Follow Up Strategy

Training Options

  • Self-Paced Learning
  • ILT – Virtual Training via Zoom, MS Teams, etc.
  • In-Person Workshops