LP – Essential People Skills for Salespeople

The Essential People Skills training curriculum teaches professionals specific skills and processes required to effectively communicate and develop relationships with customers.

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About This Training Program

This training course outlines the strategies professionals can utilize to effectively communicate, interact and develop relationships with various personality traits and influence a wider range of audiences. It teaches professionals the fundamentals of asking better questions and listening more intently to build rapport with customers. This training applies to every human interaction both professionally and personally, in every phone conversation with clients, in every business development and client relationship activity, and every step of the entire sales, negotiating, and buying process. At the end of this course, professionals will be able to utilize their own style to connect with customers and close deals to create a solid career.  

What You Will Learn

  • The Art of Asking Questions for Selling Professionals
  • The Art of Listening Effectively for Selling Professionals
  • Understanding Social Styles & Human Personality Traits
  • Relationship Building Skills for Dealership Professionals

What You Can Expect

  • Self-paced course 
  • Lessons that include a series of topics 
  • Series of topics to be completed before moving to next lesson 
  • Email notifications when next lessons are accessible 
  • Course badge, a certificate of completion, and CEU credits towards annual recertification upon completion  


Purchase individual license for one, or multiple licenses to train an entire team. Group training comes with a management dashboard to monitor the team’s progress and performance.

One license for one user

Multiple licenses for team management

$349.00 - Purchase This Course