Customer Service Success Strategies

About this Course

Excellent customer service plays a vital role in the success of any business. What stands between a company’s product or service and a paying customer enjoying it is the quality of the interaction between them and an employee. This interaction is also called the customer experience. It consists of a series of best practices that will serve as the recipe for delivering that winning experience when coupled with a few specific frameworks. The Customer Service Training program will teach professionals the best practices and the core skills necessary to provide a winning customer experience every time with every client.

Course Takeaway & Application

By the end of this course, you will complete a series of activities that will do a deep dive into interpersonal communication skills problem-solving by utilizing proven strategies, establishing meaningful relationships that attract and keep customers, and so much more. To ensure that you clearly understand the process required to deliver optimum customer experience, you will engage in a series of scenario-based knowledge checks to demonstrate how the dots are connected. You will understand how Customer Service is an essential part of the building blocks you will use to make sure customers become and remain raving fans.

Topics Covered in This Course

Module #1 – Dressing for Success
Module #2 – Phone Skills Etiquette
Module #3 – The Art of Asking Questions
Module #4 – The Art of Effective Listening
Module #5 – Understanding Personality Traits
Module #6 – CRM Software Success Strategies
Module #7 – How to Improve Customer Survey Scores

Training Options

  • Self-Paced Learning
  • ILT – Virtual Training via Zoom, MS Teams, etc.
  • In-Person Workshops