Business Development Strategies for Selling Professionals

About This Training Program

The Business Development Strategies training program teaches professionals the skills and strategies needed to develop multiple lead-generating sources. The key to success as a salesperson is never to allow your hopper of prospects ever to run dry! The secret to accomplishing this is to cultivate multiple relationships that continually feed and replenish the sales hopper with qualified leads. These leads will then funnel into the sales pipeline, where the magic happens to produce closing opportunities. This program will teach professionals the strategies to do just that!

In this training course, professionals will learn six strategies that form a well-rounded lead-generating program. We will unpack each system in detail to clearly show what is involved, the reason for doing the task, and how it will look when done correctly.

Course Takeaway & Application

By the end of this course, you will complete a series of projects, one for each strategy that, when done correctly, will form your lead-generating plan of action. So, whether you are a selling professional, entrepreneur, or business owner in private practice, this course will show you how to leverage these well-defined strategies to create and execute your lead generation program based on your unique circumstances.

Topics Covered in This Course

Module #1 – How to Cultivate Business Referrals
Module #2 – How to Ensure Repeat & Return Business
Module #3 – How to Develop Partnerships with Companies to Generate Leads
Module #4 – Step by Step Guide to Prospecting Effectively
Module #5 – How to Correctly Network with Others to Build Your Business
Module #6 – How to Set up Events and Goodwill Programs that Generate Leads

Training Options

  • Self-Paced Learning
  • ILT – Virtual Training via Zoom, MS Teams, etc.
  • In-Person Workshops