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K-Method Academy is the online training platform that houses K-Method Training Group’s various learning paths, training course, and only Automotive Sales Apprenticeship Program approved by the U.S. Department of Labor and Florida Department of Education. Our platform delivers a wide range of individual courses and training programs that teach and enhance the sales professional’s skills to be more effective at their jobs daily.

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K-Method Academy is on a mission to help dealerships build a better workforce. Check out our training opportunities that are available to advance your team. From soft skills to building custom learning plans that improve KPI’s, our workforce training solutions empower businesses and professionals to re-imagine what is possible when it comes to workforce training and development.


As a passionate, result-oriented training experts for developing and delivering workforce training solutions, K-Method Training Group will bring that same passion and commitment to training your team on the skills and strategies that will improve their performance. To learn about specific workshops, select a topic below for more details.

All workshops are offered virtually or in-person in accordance with COVID-19 compliance.

Professional Development Strategies

Business Development Strategies

Managers as Trainer, Teacher & Coaches

CRM Success Strategies

Build Manage & Glow Your Sales Practice


Explore the wide range of individual courses and training programs that will teach and enhance your team’s ability to become more effective at their jobs daily.


How to Manage a Sales Practice teaches a series of predefined activities that allow professionals to structure a more predictable and quantifiable sales process.

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7 Lessons

The Essential People Skills training curriculum teaches professionals specific skills and processes required to effectively communicate and develop relationships with customers.

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6 Lessons

The Business Development Strategies training program teaches salespeople the specific skills necessary to develop multiple lead generating and profitable revenue generating sources. 

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3 Lessons

The Customer Service Training for Dealerships program teaches dealerships how to establish standards and measurements that ensure all team members are actively participating in the customer experience.

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1 Lessons

The objective of this lesson plan is to teach the professional the different processes for building a large and profitable book of business. Each course is designed to teach the step-by-step activities that together form the template they will use on a daily basis.

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5 Lessons

The objective the Core CRM Software Success Strategies is to provide professionals with the What, Why, and How for getting the most out if this powerful application. The instruction that you will receive in this course is vital in the professionals role for building, maintaining and managing a successful sales practice. Each of the lesson will serve as a checklist for what you will need to know about the CRM software application, and the activities you will need to engage in to seamlessly integrate the CRM strategies into your daily business development and customer relationship management activities.

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4 Lessons

The Automotive Sales Apprenticeship is a comprehensive training and mentoring program that equips professionals with the skills to build and manage a successful sales practice.

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10 Lessons

The purpose of the Jump Start training program is to teach salespeople who are either just starting out, or those who may feel stuck or plateaued, what they need to know, what they need to do, and the strategies they will need to implement to build a successful sales practice. The lessons in this Free training program outlines what the professional development journey looks like from the beginning to end.

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2 Lessons